Fall Farm Tour- October 7, 2018 from 12pm to 5pm

The 29th Annual Fall Farm Tour will be in the Alliance/Hartville area this year.  Our stops this year include the Marlington FFA program, Pegasus Farm and Hartville Lumber.  The tour will run from 12pm to 5pm and you can start anywhere on the tour.  Learn more about these great agriculture locations and programs below.  Each stop will have restrooms and food for purchase.  We hope to see you on the tour on October 7, 2018!   Click here for a farm tour flyer!


Marlington FFA Program:

The Marlington FFA had its beginning in 1963 when the chapter was chartered in December by advisors Gordon Eaten and William Cartee who had started a production Agriculture Program. Later, in 1964, Michael BAch began the Horticulture program, and in 1973 Robert Givens rounded out the presently existing three taxonomy departments when he initiated the Resources Conservation program.

As the seventies dawned the chapter progresses gradually, In 1972 the horticulture department (teachers and students both) constructed a new horticulture building complete with greenhouses and classrooms. Later that year during a field day sponsored by the vocational agricultural department and attended by over 10,000 people in the area great strides were undertaken to improve the land laboratory.  Over 35 acres of extremely wet cropland were titled and three farm ponds were dug, all at a very minimal cost. This effort earned a National Gold BOAC award in 1973. In 1988 the FFA changed its name to the National FFA Organization which encompassed not only farming, but also horticulture, landscaping. And many other curriculums to agriculture.

Today, Marlington houses 4 career tech programs Horticulture, Landscaping, Natural Resources, and Oil and Gas.

In the Horticulture program you are able to earn college credit towards a field in Horticulture. Students learn hands on skills related to floral design, greenhouse production, sales, and customer service.

The landscaping program gives students an excellent way for students to learn by doing.There are several facilities located on campus that  give the students knowledge of their industry; such as the baseball and softball fields for turf management, a one hole golf course for golf course management, and plenty of opportunity for students to learn about hardscapes, irrigation, and plant material.

Marlington’s Natural Resources program consists of 40 acres of crop land, 40 acres of woodland, and 5 ponds, which are all managed by students. Students learn hands on about forestry, wildlife management, aquaculture, and alternative energy. College credit may be earned through this program as well.

The Oil and Gas program was started in 2012 and is the first of its kind. Students learn basic exploration of the oil and gas industry, workplace safety, communication, and teamwork.

Along with these programs students are involved in the largest youth organization in the country, which is the FFA. Through the FFA you can gain leadership experiences by becoming a chapter officer, earn degrees and awards, compete at contests, and much more. The Marlington FFA has had this year one state FFA Degree recipient, a Gold rated Secretary’s book, Silver rated reporter’s book, and 2 American Degree recipients.  We also have a FFA Alumni which helps support our members, which is open to all who support agriculture.


Pegasus Farm:

Located in the Canton-Akron area of northeast Ohio, Pegasus Farm was founded in 1985 by three Canton City School teachers who envisioned an equestrian center that could offer children with disabilities the opportunity for physical activity and recreation.

Pegasus Farm opened in the spring 1986, with five students, two horses and one backyard and grew to 70 students in its second year. Donations and volunteer labor led to building a nine stall barn, acquiring more horses, and a windfall of other goods and services including feed, tack and riding helmets. From the beginning, volunteer staff demonstrated a strong commitment to quality, striving to offer services that were based upon best practices and established industry standards.

Because of this strong early effort, Pegasus Farm became one of the first facilities to be accredited by PATH International (Professional Association of Therapeautic Horsemanship International) in its first year of operation.The Farm has successfully maintained this accreditation at the “premier” level, which is the highest level of accreditation PATH offers.

Additionally, Pegasus is accredited by the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) which sets national standards for group riding programs. All of Pegasus’ instructors are individually certified by PATH Int. and by the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA) in one or more categories of instruction and at one or more levels of achievement.

Over the past 28 years, with the generous support of individuals, organizations and foundations, Pegasus Farm purchased land and built a heated indoor arena that allows us to serve at our current capacity. Today, Pegasus Farm is one of the largest, most programmatically diverse therapeutic equestrian centers in the United States.

In an effort to more comprehensively serve individuals with special needs, Pegasus Farm began providing adult day habilitation services to adults who have developmental disabilities. Three days each week, individuals work in the Wings program, learning employment and independent living skills. A small business, Pegasus Pantry, has been established to serve as a work site. Pegasus Pantry offers gluten-free and organic food products, fresh garden vegetables (in season), bulk foods and craft products. All participants receive therapeutic equestrian driving and horsemanship instruction. The fees received for providing this service contribute to covering the operating expenses of the Farm. In 2013, a non-medical transportation service was added to the program, which will provide additional service to those in the Pegasus Farm Wings Program.


Hartville Lumber:

The Hartville Lumber Company is located on a 160 acre farm in Marlboro Township with 60 acres of woodland.  We manage and selectively harvest our woodlands, have a 5800 sq. ft. heated greenhouses and plan to develop a hydroponic system and beef cattle operation in the next two years.  We have a pallet manufacturing facility which is actually considered an agricultural business.  We build new hardwood pallets, lumber kiln can heat treat pallets for export, kiln dry furniture grade lumber and dry fire wood for out of state sales.  We also have a saw mill and saw low grade lumber for pallets and high grade lumber for unique applications.

The Ray Hall family purchased the Property in 2013 and developed it to serve as a support to our nonprofit faith based partner Men’s Challenge with offices in Alliance, Canton and Massillon. Men’s Challenge serves over 300 men each year who have been incarcerated, chronically employed or have had substance abuse issues. We strive to remove the barriers men find to being the provider and protector of their families through, mentoring, job training and spiritual support.




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